Ever since I opened the AC vents up all the way in my office, it’s created positive pressure in my room, which pushes the door closed so that whenever the AC turns on, it nearly latches shut and is held in place there with a bit of force. 

Hexe thinks it’s haunted. She will sit outside the door some distance and complain loudly at it until someone opens it for her, and then she SPRINTS past, often leaping, as if it’s a monster under the bed. 

Hexe, please.

Trying to come up with a Grineer-sounding name for my boss character concept

Ligna Kaar

Lignus Kher

Leegnim Kar

Lignim Ter

Litnaar Kell

Litnaak Ar

Leegnos Kos

These are based loosely on “lightning arm” idk


Veskaar (based on Vespa for “wasp”)

I imagine him to be a somewhat lower ranking, being as he is kept away from the Tenno whenever possible. He is a decorated Corpus fighter though because electricity. Very valuable on those fronts. Either sergeant or lieutenant.

Alternate suggestions welcome.



'Seeking Aether' (experimental garment collection): InAisce FW 13/14 Men's Collection featuring South Sudanese refugee and former child soldier turned actor and model Ger Duany  - video link

such tall lines. and love dem boots!


Story@art inkary (wow, it’s me)
Co-story@script funisanawfulthing (Alec)

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I have a soft spot for 3-wheeled cars, especially if they are electric. Aptera was my dream car in college (if you don’t count stuff like Lambos) and holy crap has anyone ever seen the Aero 3s? Hot fucking damn… it’s a gas car but still

Anonymous said: Are you going to draw an augmented cat now :D?

nope I got no time for requests like that outta the blue!

Anonymous said: Have you ever drawn an augmented cat.. Kindof like your usual drawings?

you mean kinda like WE3? I have not! Last time I drew a cat it was in my chibi style.

Anonymous said: How many times do your projects crash on a daily basis?

Photoshop almost never crashes on me anymore, but I save often anyway in case something else crashes my machine. Maya crashes during certain operations but it’s always something I did wrong lol. Zbrush… I don’t understand it yet so I crash a couple times a day if I’m doing a lot of work there. I often leave like a million things open all day and put my computer to sleep at night instead of turning it off so sometimes I’ll get a BSOD just for having too much open for too long, like once a month or so. 

My computer is about mid-range in terms of performance, nothing super special but 16 gigs of RAM is nice and lets me be careless with how much I leave open.

I save like every couple of minutes out of habit in all programs I work in and I back up my project files on Dropbox so I don’t have to worry about losing work!

god-damn-tenno said:*fingerpoints at his jaw*

DAMNIT I AM WORKING ON IT Tenno style is hard, in between too many things

rafe-alecardi said: Wait, you have a porn/vore blog?

eh heh hehehehhhh hhehehhhh hehehhhh hhhhhyes

it is awful you do not want to go there

List of stuff I wanna do that isn’t work:

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Looks like my previous obsession and my current obsession are being fusioned into one big…. new… obsession.

too… much

same same same

on a side note: they better never, ever do anything that resembles feathers or I will personally

rip out someone’s throat

and it won’t be part of some sort of endless waltz or anything either



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Alright screw this I put in my time today time to go model a Jat Kittag in Maya

Ok! Gotta make some money in SL again, and combine it with personal learning lessons. Today I will learn how to use the average game dev workflow to make a thing using a high poly model as a base for high detail textures and accurate normal mapping.

Ok, got this high poly set of elk antlers I gave up on awhile ago. What do I do with them? Retopo.

1) Topogun

Figured out how to use it. Got t retopo’d. Now I just bake on the AO??? Why no worky? Oh apparently I needed to unwrap it. In Zbrush? Gross… lol j/k how do I do that???


.5) Unwrap model in Zbrush

Wait I don’t even know how these tutorials are even starting… what are these colors… Oh I guess I need to know what polygroups are? Ok.


.2?) Polygroups

Alright I am learning that you just have to divide up your mesh, you can do it automatically if you have everything separated into separate shells already, or you could have drawn on seams in Maya first but that’s not really how I was working… to divide my antlers in half, I need to learn how to mask shit. That would be easy if I…….


.1) Masking

Geez ok I have to hold down what to do what again? And I have to select inverses of inverses and oh shit I have no lower subdivision levels, it’s just straight-up high poly with nothing lower godDAMNIT HOW DO I

0) Never take on this project